S-57 (ENC) Map Format

S-57 (ENC) Map Format

Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) data is for oceanographic applications. It is a hierarchical collection of spatial and feature objects with detailed attribute and relationship data. The standard for ENC data for use in ECDIS systems is mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is defined in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Special Publication 57 (S-57) [IHB 1996]. Edition 3.1 of S-57 was published in November 2000, with a supplement (3.1.1) added in January 2007. It includes a data model, an object and attribute catalogue, and a transfer format.

S-57 data is usually encrypted by data providers using the IHO Data Protection scheme. This is described in the IHO Special Publication 63 (S-63). MapLink Pro fully supports S-57 data encrypted using S-63.

Specification Reference: IHO Publications. Look under the Publications -> Catalogue section.

MapLink Pro supports the import of S-57 ENC data using MapLink Studio. MapLink Pro also supports the direct import and export of S-57 ENC data, to and from an application.

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